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With over 15 years of experience in the design and development of portable oxygen concentrators and other gas separation and medical device technologies, Oxus America provides engineering services and contract manufacturing to medical equipment and other companies.

We have managed projects at the device, subsystem and component levels, functioning as a turn-key OEM/ODM company from ideation to manufacturing. Additionally, we produce designs provided by clients, effectively acting as an extension of their organization. As a company that designs and manufactures our own FDA-approved and CE-marked products, we understand the challenges involved and the attention to detail required for a successful project.

Partnering with Oxus America for Superior Medical Device Solutions

As a medical device development company, we understand that our work is important to many individuals who depend on portable oxygen machines and our other products. We are committed to regulatory compliance and quality control processes, and we are dedicated to meeting standards in the medical contract and device manufacturing industry. We want to partner with you to produce the most efficient and widely available equipment. 

Oxus America wants to provide companies with the oxygen, gas and medical devices needed to best help their patients. Our expertise leads us to create successful products and projects. We manufacture oxygen concentrator equipment based on both our designs and our clients’ designs. We aim to produce the oxygen equipment you need, tailored to your specifications. In addition to accommodating your preferred designs, we also offer competitive pricing.

We understand that these machines are crucial for both companies and their clients, but we also recognize the importance of staying within budget. Oxus America provides affordable oxygen concentrators, offering both home and portable oxygen machines to meet your needs.

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