Our Medical Device Service Parts

Oxus offers a selection of engineered high-quality service parts for respiratory equipment. These products support the HME industry in the cost-effective maintenance of their respiratory fleet.

When questions arise about medical devices, our dedicated team is readily available to address your inquiries and supply the necessary parts. We frequently receive inquiries about the Inogen G3, particularly regarding the significance of red, yellow or blinking lights on the device. These indicator lights often signal warnings, indicating potential issues that may require repair. Our team is equipped to assist you with Inogen G3 repairs, whether it involves conducting the repair itself or providing replacement columns.

In addition to Inogen G3 support, we offer an extensive range of service parts and repair services catering to various respiratory equipment needs. Our offerings include oxygen concentrator parts, stationary valve replacements, refurbished home fill pumps and parts, POC sieve replacements, compressor kits and compressor rebuild kits. At Oxus America, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for both home and portable oxygen concentrators, which are among our flagship products.

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