"They delivered my new Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator yesterday, and I can tell you that it is a nifty, convenient machine to have. We ate out last night, which I haven’t been able to do much of lately, and I took it with us.  It was so much better than those bulky tanks.  The Oxus POC has changed my life.  I want others to know what an awesome company Oxus is."

- Frank, Cincinnati, OH

Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator gives you the independence you deserve to live your life without worrying about bottle delivery, filling bottles at home, or running out of oxygen. Travel across town, or across the world, without worry.

Why Oxus?

Portable oxygen concentrators have many important features: size, noise, battery life, oxygen output, oxygen delivery method, etc. There are lots of portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) out there that claim to be the best at one of these features, but all of them have shortcomings as well. Only Oxus has designed a Portable Oxygen Concentrator with ALL of these features in mind.

The Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the only portable that can give you 850 mL/minute output delivered in a Fixed Bolus Mode*, at a quiet 43 dBA while weighing less than ten pounds, all in a flexible package that can travel flat under an airline seat, or vertical on a cart. You may find a competitor that beats one of these features, but you won't find one that can match all of them.

Where to Buy?

The Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator is available in Europe:

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* See FAQ page for more information
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